DirectoryCentral 2015 ReDesign

As you may have already noticed DirectoryCentral has been completly overhauled. We implemented a new clean look to it and gone over all of the webpages fixing anything that we have seen broken. We optimised a lot of our backend scripts and reduced page load and server load.

You can now add a new busines from your profile (Manage Business). Once you have you business posted you can edit its information on the same page.

As of right now there are a couple of things that we just haven't been able to get running, but we still wanted to give you this enhanced DirectoryCentral experience.

Her is a list of things we are currently working on:

  • We are having some problems with our email system
  • You can't purchase our premium and beseen packages
  • You can't upgrade your packages
  • "Tell Your Friends" (about your business) isn't working right now
  • Search on pages other then frontpage is missing
  • Geo data is not working on the site (You have to use advanced search if you want to search for neerby businesses)

And some of the things that we hope to implement:

  • Feedback/Reporting system
  • Edit/Delete business reviews
  • Add/Edit Coupons

If you wish to send us some feedback or report things missing/broken. Feel free to send an email to:

EDIT June 8, 2015: We fixed a couple of things and now you can upgrade your businesses to a better package.